Nature Trail

The Administration of the Development Authority of the North Country consists of the executive management, compliance officer and finance department.  Administration oversees the daily operations of the organization and ensures compliance with the New York State Public Authority Accountability Act.

Executive Management & Compliance

The Executive Director is appointed by the Board of Directors and takes his/her direction from the Board.  All senior managers report to the Executive Director.  Also reporting directly to the Executive Director is the Compliance Officer.  The Compliance Officer ensures that the Development Authority and its staff are meeting all levels of compliance not only by New York State and the Public Authorities Accountability Act, but the policies and procedures enacted by the Authority itself to ensure a transparent and accountable organization.


The Comptroller is the chief financial officer for the Development Authority of the North Country.  He/she oversees the financial performance of the organization and operation budgets.

Hours of Operation:

7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday - Friday

Giving Back to Our Communities

The nature trail along our water line from Watertown to Fort Drum is dedicated to our first Chairman and Executive Director, James Kanik, who believed we should give back to our communities.