Engineering & Environmental

Development Authority Nature Trail

The Development Authority's Engineering Division is front and center in positioning the organization in meeting its stated performance measurements, which are to:

  • Meet or exceed Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.
  • Meet or exceed Federal, State and local safety requirements.
  • Operate transparently and with accountability to partners and general public.
  • Practice environmental stewardship throughout all operations.
  • Provide value-added services to communities through competitive rate structures.
  • Manage the Authority's assets in a prudent and fiscally responsible manner.
  • Lead in application of technology in the operation of our infrastructure.

Our Engineering Division staff is comprised of licensed professionals supported by sophisticated computer monitoring programs and equipment.  Their expertise is utilized internally to ensure the Development Authority is compliant with all Federal, State and local safety and regulatory requirements; and externally by providing contract services at competitive rates for value-added services to municipalities in the three-county region.  These services include:  Geographic Information Systems and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).


Current Municipal Customers

Below, find a map of current municipal customers served by the Development Authority of the North Country's Engineering Division. You may also download a high resolution version of the map by clicking the hyperlink below the map.

Download Hi-Res Version [pdf]