LFGTE Power Project

Landfill Gas to Energy Project at SWMF

The landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) project was completed in October 2008.  It is a public/private partnership between the Development Authority of the North Country and a private developer, Innovative Energy Systems, to productively use the methane gas generated by the disposal of waste in the landfill to produce electricity.  Innovative Energy Systems owns the power plant which generates 4.8 MW of electricity.  This electricity is sold to the power grid.  As the landfill grows, more generators can be added to produce additional electricity.  In 2009, the Climate Action Reserve, a national registry for carbon credits, recognized the gas-to-energy project as the first carbon reduction project outside of California to earn carbon credits.

The Development Authority continues to research ways to utilize waste heat generated by the production of the electricity as a form of green energy.  It also continues to explore through research with Clarkson University and others, beneficial uses for other waste materials generated by the decomposition of waste at the landfill like leachate.  These efforts demonstrate the Development Authority's commitment to environmental stewardship.