Photo Tour

Since 1992, the Solid Waste Management Facility in Rodman, NY has been an efficient, environmentally sound solution for the waste diposal needs of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties.  This photo gallery highlights the on-going operations, activites and opportunities at the facility for the benefit of the people that it serves.

Video Tour

 Cell Construction

Cell Construction - Photo Tour

This photo highlights the construction of a landfill cell.  Taken in early Spring 2007, trash is being disposed of in this 9.58 acre cell today.

Cell Construction

Cell Construction - Photo Tour

Another photo demonstrating the construction of a landfill cell shows two of the layers that comprise the 5 foot thick liner system. The black panels are one of the drainage layers and one of the soil layers, which is compacted grey clay.


Scale House - Photo Tour

The Landfill has two scales, one for inbound traffic and the other for outbound traffic.


Working Face


Working face of landfill

Waste is hauled to the site and deposited at the "working face". 

Cover Operations

Covering Waste

The waste is covered with an approved cover material. This picture shows soil being used to cover the waste. It will be spread to a minimum of 1 foot thick.

Open House

The Solid Waste Management Facility hosted an Open House in September 2010 as the Authority celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Shown are trucks from various partners and vendors that were on display.

Aerial View


Aerial View Of The Landfill With Gas-To-Energy Facility In The Upper Right Taken In 2011

Shown is an aerial view of the Landfill with the gas-to-energy facility in the upper right taken in 2011.