Regional Recycling

Regional recycling efforts at Solid Waste Management Facility

The Development Authority has taken a very active role in working with its partners to reduce waste entering its landfill.  In 2010, the Development Authority with its partners in the landfill, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties and the City of Watertown, introduced  This website and marketing campaign is designed to educate residents to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.  By doing so, less waste goes in to the landfill.  

The Development Authority also established the position of Recycling Coordinator.  The Recycling Coordinator is working with the counties on a list of cooperative activities that include:

  • Establishing a common list of recyclable items that each county will accept at their transfer station which promotes consistency between counties. 
  • Participating in Household Hazardous Waste Programs sponsored by the Authority.
  • Selecting a common vendor to process electronic equipment for recycling. Electronic equipment will be disposed at the transfer stations and then collected by a R2 Certified Electronics Recycler.
  • Initiating a new permit program at the landfill that the counties will be instituting at their own facilities to compliment the Authority's in order to provide a uniform front to waste haulers.
  • The counties working cooperatively to find markets for recyclables and participating in shared services, such as the Andela glass crusher that St. Lawrence County transferred to Jefferson County and for which the Authority is paying for the refurbishment. In turn, Jefferson County will collect glass from all 3 counties and produce a product that can be used in road base.

An education campaign is also underway to educate children about the importance of recycling.  Several schools have implemented recycling programs and have our boxes in the classroom. Three schools, one from each county, are featured in our latest recycling commercial. 

Regional Recycling

The Development Authority with Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties and the City of Watertown created North Country Recycles providing information on reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

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