Telecommunication Services

Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organziation telemedicine network

The Development Authority of the North Country's telecommunications network is a middle mile network that provides transport services for telecommunications carriers.  In addition, we construct and operate large private networks for customers that require high-speed connectivity between multiple locations.

The purpose of the middle-mile carrier network is to enable multiple service providers to deliver services to the North Country market.  This fosters competition for telecommunications services in the area resulting in lower prices and options for the businesses and residents of the North Country.

We are currently providing transport service for 16 different telecommunications service providers who are using the OATN network to obtain direct access to their customers in order to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions.

In addition to our service provider customers, the Development Authority also connects many of the Community Anchor Institutions in the North Country, including:

  • 2 large Telemedicine networks that connect 93 healthcare facilities in the North Country
  • Education networks linking 70 schools with braodband services

Our service offerings include:



Traditional SONET based transport service  including DS-1, DS-3, and OC-X service. Multiplexing and cross-connect service also available.

Ethernet transport service including 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 1Gbps.  Higher bandwidth available if required. Includes Virtual LAN service.

Offerings include 2.5 Gbps and 10 Gbps wavelengths.

Private networks are high-speed networks connecting multiple locations. Examples include FDRHPO telemedicine network, Jeff-Lewis BOCES, and St. Lawrence-Lewis BOCES.

Throughout the entire network.

Throughout the entire network.

Throughout the entire network.

Private networks are available anywhere and are based on the requirements of each customer.

Linking Rural Health Care Facilities

The Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization's telemedicine network utilizes the Authority's telecom network linking health care providers around Fort Drum to facilities in Syracuse and Utica.

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