Water Quality Management Services

Development Authority Nature Trail

The Development Authority's licensed professional staff, supported by sophisticated computer monitoring equipment, manages its water and wastewater facilities, provides contract operation and maintenance services for various town water and sewer districts in the region.

Warneck Pumping Station:

23557 NYS Route 37
1/4 mile north from the Route 37 and Route 11 division in the Town of Pamelia [ View on Map ]

Hours of Operation:

  • Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM, M-F
  • Emergency/On-call (315)-786-4000

Contract Operations

Support numerous town, district and village water and wastewater systems with the following services:

  • Full-service operation and maintenance contracts
  • Selective operation and maintenance assistance
  • Operator-of-record services
  • Facility start-up
  • Operator training
  • Special project support

Engineering Services

Provided by the Development Authority personnel with experience in finance, management and engineering, including:

  • GIS Development
  • SCADA/Telemetry Services
  • Engineering assistance
  • Contract review
  • Computerized monitoring programs
  • System evaluation and optimization
  • Training
  • Operating procedures development and emergency response plans
  • Funding and grant application and administration assistance
  • Rate structure review and development
  • Financial modeling and planning
  • Budget preparation and reporting assistance
  • Capital reserve fund development assistance

Water and Wastewater Reports

Water/Wastewater Procedures

Water/Wastewater and Engineering Division Customers [PDF]

* Our extensive equipment and facilities also allow us to support emergency situations, including our 24/7 hot line and on-call operators.

Environmental Stewardship

The Authority maintains its facilities to protect and conserve the environment. The 2-mile nature trail in Calcium runs along the Authority's water and sewer lines to Fort Drum.

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