Development Authority of the North Country

Development Authority Launches New Community Planning Website

The Development Authority of the North Country has launched a new website to provide data that communities close to Fort Drum will find helpful in making land use decisions.

The website,, is one tool that communities can consult when making land use decisions. It provides information on land use that is compatible with Fort Drum’s mission. The website pulls together publicly available information from a number of sources and can serve as one tool in municipal decision-making.

“Prior to this, the information was not available in one place,” said Michelle Capone, Director of Regional Development for the Development Authority. “The website does not tell communities what they can and cannot do. The purpose is to provide a clearinghouse of factual information and maps that will help communities near Fort Drum in making their decisions about land use.”

The creation of the website was one recommendation that came out of the Fort Drum Joint Land Use Study, which has been accepted by the JLUS local government steering committee. The study is one document available on the website. Some content is still under development, but the website will eventually offer fact sheets on various compatibility issues, and sample local laws that relate to those issues. The website also offers a GIS portal which contains a variety of maps and spatial data pertinent to land use planning in municipalities near Fort Drum.

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