Development Authority of the North Country

Chaumont Dissolution Study

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Dissolution Study Information

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Date Location
#1 Kickoff and Demographics
June 3, 2019 Lyme Central School Library
#2 What Exists: Municipal Financials
June 26, 2019 Municipal Building
#3 What Exists: Municipal Officials & Employees, Public Works & Highway, Water & Sewer
July 24, 2019 Municipal Building
#4 What Exists: Local Laws, Fire & Ambulance
August 28, 2019 Municipal Building
#5 What Exists: Draft Existing Conditions Report
September 25, 2019 Municipal Building
#6 Public Meeting #1 - Existing Conditions
October 23, 2019 Municipal Building
#7 Alternatives - Dissolution and Other Shared Services Options
November 27, 2019* Municipal Building
#8 Alternatives - Second Meeting
December 25, 2019* Municipal Building
 #9 Draft Alternatives Report January 22, 2020 Municipal Building
#10 Public Meeting #2 - Alternatives
February 26, 2020 Municipal Building
#11 Final Dissolution Report and Plan
March 25, 2020 Municipal Building

*The meetings in November and December occur near major holidays and will be rescheduled.

Committee Members Consultants

Scott Aubertine, Town Supervisor
Ed Demattia, Town Resident
Robin Grovesteen, Village Resident
Fred Jackson, Village Resident
Bill Johnson, Town Resident
Jim Morrow, Village Trustee
Scott Radley, Village Resident
Valerie Rust, Village Mayor
Marcie Travers-Barth, Town Resident
Pat Weston, Town Highway Superintendent

Development Authority of the North Country