The Development Authority of the North Country is unique among public authorities in New York State in its scope of activities.  Unlike other single-purpose state authorities, the Development Authority owns and operates a number of revenue-based infrastructure facilities and manages a wide range of business and housing development programs.  The Development Authority of the North Country has become the region's largest provider of shared-services, providing fee-based services to three counties which fosters economies-of-scale and efficiencies, saving money for the ratepayers.

In keeping with its mission to serve the common interests of Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties, and to enhance economic opportunities and promote the health and well-being of its communities, the Development Authority is committed to environmental stewardship, fiscal integrity, and strong partnerships in accomplishing these objectives.  The Development Authority's professional management team and staff are dedicated to the efficient operations of the Authority's projects, while working to advance new and innovative initiatives.

Primary operational areas of the Development Authority of the North Country:

Materials Management 
Regional Development 
Water Quality