Recycle Your Hardcover Books at Development Authority Open House August 24

Bring your unwanted hardcover books to be recycled at the Development Authority of the North Country's Open House at the regional landfill in Rodman August 24 from 4-6 p.m. Unwanted hardcover books will be accepted at the event and will be recycled rather than disposed of in the trash. 

Paperback books can be recycled with your typical paper/cardboard recycling, but hardcover books must be de-bound first, so the pages can be recycled. At the Authority's last open house, many people who brought books to be recycled ended up finding interesting books to take home as well! The Authority works in partnership with the Northern New York Library System to recycle hardcover books. 

While you're at the landfill, you can take a bus tour of the facility to see what happens to your trash after it's picked up at the curb. Last year an expansion of the landfill was opened that will ensure residents of the tri-county region have an environmentally sound, sustainable solution for waste disposal for the next 50 years. Come and find out what that means!

Visitors will also be able to learn about what the Development Authority does in addition to operating the regional landfill. Exhibits and displays will feature the economic development work the Authority does, wastewater plant operation staff provides for municipalities, the history and future of the Authority's broadband network, recycling education, GIS drone work and much more. 

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