Tupper Lake Water/Sewer Consolidation Study

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Dissolution Study Information

Upcoming Meetings

Meeting Schedule
Meeting Date
#1 Kick-Off Meeting: Existing Conditions Overview & Plan December 8, 2016
#2 What Exists: Water and Sewer Districts - Map and Inventory of Infrastructure and Equipment January 12, 2017
#3 What Exists: Water and Sewer Districts - Budgets, Tax Rates, and Cost of Service February 9, 2017
#4 What Exists: Water and Sewer Local Laws and Regulations April 13, 2017
#5 Draft “Existing Conditions” Report May 11, 2017
#6 Alternatives Discussion: Water and Sewer Districts June 8, 2017
#7 Draft “Alternatives” Report & Prep for Public Meeting July 13, 2017
#8 Public Meeting August 31, 2017
#9 Draft Final Consolidation Study and Plan September 14, 2017
#10 Committee Presents Final Study to Board; Board Potentially Sets Public Hearing October 12, 2017
#11 Public Hearing November 16, 2017 
Meeting Minutes & Presentations
Committee Members & Consultants
Committee Members Consultants
Mary Casagrain 
Samantha Davies 
Laurie Fuller 
Patti Littlefield 
Paul Maroun 
Paul O’Leary 
Mark Robillard 
John Quinn
Development Authority of the North Country

Existing Conditions Report

Alternatives Report

Implementation Report - Town of Tupper Lake Sewer District Consolidation

Implementation Report - Town of Tupper Lake Water District Consolidation

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