Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computer software system used to store, retrieve, manipulate and analyze spatial data. The Development Authority has a sophisticated GIS program that it uses to track its own infrastructure and is available to partner municipalities to track their assets as well. The system allows the tracking of a wide variety of assets, including water and sewer infrastructure, sidewalks, culverts, road signs, trees, municipal electric and much more. 

The Development Authority hosts the Internet Mapping Application (IMA), a public website designed to be a user-friendly GIS resource for the North Country. The county and regional portals offer a range of data from federal, state and local government sources, all in one place. The IMA is continually updated with data and interactive tools that allow users to view important data layers. Development Authority staff offer annual training sessions and phone support to assist users with the site. 

The Development Authority is able to use its extensive GIS capabilities to assist municipal partners with GIS services. Click the thumbnail below for a map showing all the municipal partners on the Development Authority's regional GIS platform. 

For information on GIS services, contact Star Carter, GIS Supervisor, at 315-661-3261,

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