Fort Drum Compatibility

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The Development Authority is working in partnership with Fort Drum and surrounding communities to enhance land use compatibility in and around Fort Drum.   In 2018, the Joint Land Use Study was completed.  This provided an overview of potential encroachment issues between communities and Fort Drum with recommendations for reducing these issues. is a recommendation of the Joint Land Use Study.  It is a resource for community and military leaders, planning and zoning board members, developers, and citizens to make informed decisions about land use regulations and planning when developing in proximity to Fort Drum and its operations. The website provides a GIS mapping tool as well as model ordinances for communities to use as templates to assist in sound land use planning.

The Fort Drum Compatibility Committee is another recommendation of the Joint Land Use Study. The committee is comprised of local elected representatives, community planners, land use organizations and Fort Drum Garrison representatives. Through this committee local jurisdictions, Fort Drum, developers and other stakeholders can continue their collaboration to establish procedures, recommend or refine specific actions and make adjustments to strategies over time to ensure the Joint Land Use Study continues to resolve key compatibility issues into the future through realistic strategies and implementation. 

Authority staff serve as a liaison between Fort Drum Garrison and surrounding communities.  The Authority entered into a Memorandum of Understanding in June 2017 to provide three-county community planning coordination and communication.  Authority staff work closely with Fort Drum staff, community planners and municipalities to assist with land use planning needs.


Fort Drum Joint Land Use Study Final Report Documents 

JLUS Background Information

JLUS Study

JLUS Appendix

Executive Summary

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