Landfill Fees

Tipping fees or Gate Rates are the dollar cost per ton levied on waste received at the landfill for disposal. These fees are collected to pay for the current costs of operating and maintaining the landfill and to adequately fund reserve accounts that can be used to pay for future expenses associated with landfill closure, required post-closure maintenance and monitoring, as well as for capital improvement projects such as the landfill expansion. Tipping fees are not used to fund other Development Authority projects or activities.

***Note: There may be county-imposed surcharges on wastes originating in St. Lawrence and Lewis counties

Gate Rates for Accepted Waste 

CY2024 RatesCY2025 Rates
Municipal Solid Waste$54.00$57.00
Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D)$54.00$57.00
Beneficial Use Sludge$24.00$27.00
Non-Beneficial Use Sludge$40.00$43.00
Sewage Sludge$40.00$43.00
Industrial Waste$40.00$43.00
Non-Hazardous Petroleum-Contaminated Soil$24.00$27.00
Friable Asbestos (one-ton minimum)$200.00$200.00
Bulk Asbestos (Friable Asbestos-Contaminated Construction Debris)$84.00$87.00

Other Landfill Fees

Dig Out/Unloading Assistance - $25/event

Credit Application Processing Fee - $75

Permit Application Fee (includes Credit Application Fee) - $100

Permit Renewal Fee - $50/year

Permitted Truck Registration Fee - $10/vehicle

Recycling Surcharge - Double-Load Tipping Fee, not to exceed $500


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