Regional Recycling

Building upon its successes in solid waste disposal, the Development Authority has adopted a more comprehensive approach to the region’s solid waste management needs. The materials management strategy includes a collaborative approach to waste diversion, with the Authority taking a leadership role in the development of a consolidated, three-county Local Materials Management Plan and waste diversion pilot projects to explore new opportunities for recycling and reusing various materials such as mattresses and tires. 

Although the regional Materials Management Facility does not accept recyclable materials, under the terms of the tri-county Local Materials Management Plan the Development Authority is responsible for coordinating, promoting and overseeing waste diversion activities in the region. Waste diversion is the act of diverting waste from a landfill through the recycling or reuse of the waste. The Development Authority works with its partner counties to promote good waste diversion practices. Every year the Authority and its partners sponsor several Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events to help residents responsibly dispose of hazardous materials. 

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