Special Municipal Programs

The purpose of the Community Improvement Program is to assist municipalities with the removal or improvement of blighted properties within their jurisdictions. The reduced tipping fee for municipal demolition projects is specifically for clean, uncontaminated construction debris. In the case of an abandoned or condemned structure, in order to qualify for the Community Improvement Program reduced tipping fee, there must be documentation that the construction debris is free from any possible asbestos contamination. Typically, this is accomplished through a documented asbestos survey/abatement program.

The purpose of the Residential Cleanup Program is to provide municipalities with a reduced tipping fee when a municipality offers a residential cleanup event (such as a “white goods” collection) at a municipal transfer station. 

Only municipalities may apply for either program and the municipality must submit a completed application for a reduced tipping fee.

CY2023 RatesCY2024 Rates
Community Improvement Program
(Municipal Demolition Projects)
$31.5025% off published
gate rates
Residential Cleanup Program
(Municipal-Sponsored Cleanups)
$36.0025% off published
gate rates

Application for Reduced Tip Fee

General Information
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