Development Authority of the North Country

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Field work is a key component of gathering data for GIS. This information allows the Authority to build sophisticated maps that track its own infrastructure, as well as that of municipalities that partner with the Authority to use its GIS.

GIS Supervisor points out key features of the Authority's GIS at Super Science Saturday.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computerized system used to store, retrieve, manipulate and analyze spatial data. The Development Authority has a sophisticated GIS program that it uses to not only track its own infrastructure, but is available to municipalities to track their assets as well. The system allows the tracking of a wide variety of assets, including water and sewer lines, fire hydrants, sidewalks, even trees.

A short video that describes GIS and its many uses across New York State ( Video was produced by the New York State GIS Association .)

The Development Authority, in cooperation with its partners (including Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence counties, the City of Watertown and the Tug Hill Commission), completed a feasibility study evaluating opportunities to share GIS services within the region. A grant award from New York State's Local Government Efficiency Program (LGEP) subsidized the cost of hiring a consultant to develop shared GIS services recommendations. The study identified a total of seven recommendations (three capital projects and four administrative items) which would effectively consolidate GIS services among the Authority and its partners, improve efficiencies, and offer better GIS services to the public within a cost structure that is sustainable in the long-term. Recommendations from that study are still under discussion.

The Development Authority is able to use its extensive GIS capabilities to host GIS services for municipalities. Click the thumbnail below for a map showing all the communities for which the Development Authority hosts GIS.

For information on GIS services, contact Star Carter, Assistant Director of Engineering, at 315-661-3210, .