Materials Management

The Regional Materials Management Facility provides efficient, environmentally responsible disposal of non-hazardous solid waste for Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis counties. The state- of-the-art, double-lined landfill facility opened in 1992 and operates in full compliance with all applicable New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations. The regional landfill accepts waste from permitted and approved haulers and does not take waste from individual residents.

Early in its history one of the Authority’s biggest challenges was to tackle the issue of safe, environmentally conscious waste disposal for the region. At the time, the region was facing population growth due the expansion of Fort Drum and the closure of many traditional municipal “dumps” that could no longer meet environmental guidelines. Working with its regional county partners, the Authority developed the regional landfill to help municipalities meet their waste disposal needs. The Authority is permitted to construct and operate a 154-acre landfill. The Authority owns 1,543 acres, which provides for ample buffer between the landfill and its surroundings. Due to the numerous safeguards built into the landfill’s liner system, the containment system has never been compromised.

The regional landfill is located in the Town of Rodman in Jefferson County, and the town receives host community revenue-sharing payments from the Development Authority.

The beautiful, heavily wooded site is home to an abundance of wildlife which the public can enjoy on two, year-round recreational walking/hiking trails.

Reuse and Recycling 

Over time it became apparent that the environmentally responsible operation of the landfill would also require a strong regional waste diversion plan to incorporate recycling and reuse into waste disposal. With its landfill partners Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties and the City of Watertown, the Authority has undertaken a number of recycling initiatives. The website,  serves as a resource for residents and educators, to help them reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Successful reduction, reuse and recycling of waste cuts down on the materials going into the landfill, maintaining this resource for future generations. Each of the county partners are responsible for their recycling; recyclables are prohibited from disposal at the regional landfill.

Always Improving 

Work on the expansion of the regional landfill began in 2019. At current usage rates, the landfill is expected to be at capacity within a few years, necessitating an expansion in order to continue to provide reliable, environmentally sound disposal services for residents and businesses.

New landfill cells have been constructed just to the south of the current landfill working area. In 2019, the foundation for the new cells began, involving significant excavation. Grading was completed and installation of the liner for two cells in the new portion of the landfill took place in 2020. A leachate pumping station to serve the new cells was finished in 2021, along with a replacement storage building.  Additionally, capping is continuing on a 13-acre portion of the current landfill. The new landfill cells started accepting waste in 2022. 

General Information
23400 NYS Route 177